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All the genetic information of our cells is in the chromosomes, specifically in the DNA . The cells they divide about 50 times during their lifetime . The protection system so that DNA remains intact during cell division are called telomeres.

Telomeres are caps in the final part of the chromosome, they are made up of repetitive DNA . Every time one cell divides e, the telomeres shorten . Thus protecting the DNA information remains intact. We can do the simile with a rubber that holds a braid, when the rubber breaks, the braid falls apart . Telomeres would those rubbers , that would hold the DNA . Over time, telomeres are so short that the cell undergoes cellular aging, degrading and notdividing.

Biological age may not matchchronological

This telomere shortening causes cell aging and health problems, such as neurodegerative or cardiovascular diseases.  The tissues most affected by this degradation of telomeres are those of the skin, hair and immune system , because I know reproduce more frequently . Telomere wear may increase the risk of cancer . Cancer cells they can use degraded cells to replicate and become immortal .

There is a substance that repairs telomeres , the enzyme is called telomerase. Slow down, stop or even reverse the shortening of telomeres, which occurs as we grow old .

Telomerase is present in embryonic development , but when we are born we stop synthesizing it in most cells yes, and as we grow old it is disappearing . Exposing telomerase to human cells, lengthens telomeres and delays the aging of cells , since it allows them to start copying again . Cells work As if they were younger .

It is believed that there are 20% hereditary factors and 80% environmental factors , that control this shortening of telomerase . Among the factors in which we can reduce the reduction of telomere shortening , they find each other measures such as reducing stress, quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising more, and eating a healthier diet .

Among the nutritional supplements that have been shown to be effective in activating telomerase and lengthening telomeres , is the TA-65® . A decade of studies support its safety and efficacy. Has been tested all over the world with some good results yes, preventing the natural aging process from accelerating at the cellular level .

The active principle of TA-65®, is he Cycloastragenol which is a substance that has been isolated from various species of legumes of the genus Astragalus . Studies on human CD4 and CD8 T cells have shown that it is capable of activating telomerase . Avoiding the cellular aging .

TA-65 is formulatedo with a patented process , that prevents its active ingredient from being digested in the stomach and reaching the blood , increasing the absorption in cells. No other product uses this patented technology .

How to use:


25 - 50 years

1 capsule

60 - 70 years

2 capsules

From 70 years

2-4 capsules

To improve its effectiveness, you should take on an empty stomach . Do not exceed the recommended doses. It should not be used in people under 25 years of age.

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