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One of the keys to having a general health is taking care of the health of the mouth. Since it is one of the largest entry doors to the body. The greatest enemy of oral hygiene is biofilm or dental plaque , is generated by a microscopic layer of bacteria by the effect of saliva and food. The secret to good oral hygiene is to take care of the cleanliness of the biofilm . Do not forget about gum care, as they prevent a large number of diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

In this quest for excellence in oral care, we suggest you discover the Swiss brand CURAPROX . That since 1972, promotes training programs and collaboration with dental professionals, to seek a more attractive, effective and less aggressive brushing for the mouth . All this with a work methodology of Swiss quality .

In this work of looking for the best brushing, they have created a brush with a head that incorporates 5460 filaments . They are very compact and dense, and that allows them to more effectively drag and remove biofilm (bacterial plaque) and thus maintain good oral health.

Its filaments CUREN are patented, they are not nylon (like most conventional brushes), that allows you reach difficult areas and thoroughly clean the gingival sulcus without damaging it, avoiding tooth abrasion and gum recession . its octagonal handle , helps to manipulate the brush in a 45º angle , and thus perform a more correct brushing technique. About brushing technique , the most recommended is It starts from the middle of the gum to the middle of the tooth.

See CS5460 brushes

Do not miss the variety of colors of the CS5460 brushes . You can findchildren's brushes (4-12 years), super soft with3960 filaments and soft from 1560 filaments. Brushes such as the CS Surgical from12460 filaments for those who have suffered from oral surgery or cancer patients.

It should be noted that 80% of cavities originate in the interdental spaces. To improve this cleaning, interdental brushes are highly recommended. There are different diameters depending on the size between the teeth . To put it to good use, you have to place the interdental brush at the point where the interdental space begins, without exerting pressure, pass the brush carefully between the teeth, at a 90º angle, and carefully remove it .

CURAPROX interdentals have extra long and soft filaments for better cleaning, a stainless steel wire that makes them last much longer, and they are also finer to perfectly reach the most complicated areas . One of the advantages of these toothbrushes is the CLICK system , a system that allows you to easily change the head for a new one, generating less waste and giving more versatility .

See Curaprox interdental brushes

If you want a professional oral cleaning, we recommend the ultrasonic brushing system . This system works at two levels: mechanical and hydrodynamic . It can even be used with orthodontic braces, implants, sensitive gums ... and those hard to reach places. The system CURACURVE® curves allowing the print heads to Hydrosonic brush Pro reach these critical areas of the mouth with ease. It is also very easy to handle and has a USB charger .

See Hydrosonic sonic electric toothbrush

We suggest that you break the monotony when brushing your teeth and try toothpastes with original flavors , Be you . Among the flavors you can find:

These original pastes give a lasting freshness, they contain fluoride (950ppm) to fight cavities and two natural ingredients that help to gently whiten: Glucose oxidase (removes stains and stimulates saliva production) and the Hydroxyapatite (remineralizes and attacks sensitivity). They are very low abrasive pastes and are suitable for vegans. They contain herbal extracts of echinacea , devil's claw , spark and bitter orange , to inhibit bacterial growth). They do not have aggressive foaming agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It does not contain microplastics or triclosan.

See pack of Be you toothpastes flavors + CS5460 brush.

If you want a powerful bleach, we suggest you try the set of Black is white. Remove discoloration using activated charcoal without being abrasive or bleaching. includes fluorine. Its enzymes protect against tooth decay and improve salivary functions . Contains Hydroxyapatite (nano) that remineralize tooth enamel and seal exposed dentin canals .

When you are away from home , you can keep your mouth clean with the complete travel sets , contain a travel brush 5460 , a pasta Be You of 10ml and 2 interdental . The brush head can be changed and that creates less waste and the brush handles can be reused.

See travel set.

Finally we recommend that you try toothpastesEnzycal, are extremely soft and very effective . Unlike others, these contain enzymes that fight bacteria in our saliva , they also strengthen enamel and prevent cavities . They contain different amounts of fluoride and even there is one without fluoride , the latter is suitable for treatments homeopathic . Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate , an abrasive foamer.

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