Trace elements, essential nutrients for health

Trace elements are mineral substances present in our body in small amounts, specifically less than 1 mg/kg of body weight. They are essential in our body, they serve to have good health and physical shape.

In 1897, Gabriel Bertrand discovered the need for trace elements for health, in infinitesimal quantities. But it was not until 1932, when Jacques Ménétrier oriented his research in the field of trace elements, discovering that any lack of these elements entails functional disturbances in the body, which are balanced again if administered in small doses, normalizing organic functions. . For this fact, Jacques Ménétrier is considered the father of oligotherapy.

The body cannot produce trace elements on its own, but must be provided with food or supplements. Its deficit can cause diseases. They are involved in respiratory, digestive, neurovegetative, muscular and metabolic processes. If they are added again, balance is restored and health is restored, as happens with vitamins.

Among the essential trace elements are Chromium, Copper, Tin, Fluoride, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Selenium, Silicon, Iodine, Vanadium and Zinc.

Among the most common trace elements you can find:


Its benefits have been known for a long time. Fluoride helps strengthen bone tissue and teeth. It is widely used for treatment related to calcium metabolism disorders. Helps prevent dental caries, and improves the consolidation of fractures.

See Oligosol Fluor. 


Lithium regulates the central nervous system. It is beneficial for the treatment of nervousness, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness or behavioral disorders.

See Oligosol Lithium


It stimulates the immune system, and is indicated to combat sleep disorders, fatigue, stress and migraines. Improves muscle contraction and relaxation, helping to improve cardiovascular health. Ideal to balance the states of autonomic dystonia and states grouped under the term spasmophilia.

See Oligosol Magnesium.

Los beneficios de este oligoelemento han sido muy bien documentados. Es muy utilizado para la prevención de las alergias. Estimula la respuesta inmunitaria y tiene interesantes propiedades antioxidantes.MANGANESE (Mn)

The benefits of this trace element have been very well documented. It is widely used for the prevention of allergies. It stimulates the immune response and has interesting antioxidant properties.

See Oligosol Manganese


Indicated for muscular affections and cramps. It is involved in the regulation of heart rate and in the transmission of nerve impulses, which is why it is also highly recommended in cases of heart problems and high blood pressure. It also has a diuretic function.

See Oligosol Potassium


It has numerous health benefits, among the most important, highlighting its double anti-infective and antioxidant effect. Protects against cell aging caused by free radicals. Selenium facilitates the excretion of heavy metals that are toxic to the body. It guarantees the good function of the muscles, protects the cardiovascular system and can prevent the appearance of cataracts.

See Oligosol Selenium


This mineral is involved in many functions of the human body, the main ones being the regulation of the hormonal and nervous system, an antioxidant effect and an anti-infective action. Highly recommended for acne treatment, and against hair loss and brittle nails. It has other benefits if combined with other trace elements.

See Oligosol Zinc


Trace elements can be combined to enhance actions and create synergies that help treat multiple health problems. Among the most common combinations used you can find:


Indicated to combat diseases, infections and asthenic states, also the symptoms that manifest during catarrhal or flu processes. It can be used to combat states of fatigue or lack of energy.

See Oligosol Copper Gold Silver


Indicated in adults to balance the states of autonomic dystonia, such as muscle disorder. Used in states of anxiety, insomnia and memory loss.

See Oligosol Manganese Cobalt


Indicated in case of infections or allergies. Widely used in case of ear, nose and throat (ENT) infections or allergies.

See Oligosol Manganese Copper


Indicated in case of asthenia.

See Oligosol Manganese Copper Cobalt


Indicated for hormonal problems, such as puberty, menopause or postmenstrual syndrome.

See Oligosol Zinc Copper


Indicated to complement slimming diets.

See Oligosol Zinc Nickel Cobalt


Trace elements are safe products that do not have side effects, with the guidelines that are recommended.

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