Protect yourself adequately from the sun this summer

It is very likely that you have gone to look for a sunscreen, and you have gone crazy when choosing it. There are so many references that an entire book could be written.

Of course, with the sun you cannot play, if you are going to spend some time in the mountains, camping, in the pool or in the sea, it is very important to put on adequate protection, 30 minutes after starting the activity, since it is how long it takes for the filters to be effective on the skin.



The expiration of open products is a maximum of 12 months, its effectiveness is lost as time goes by. For this reason it is advisable to change it from one year to the next. Especially in the case of pediatric products. To avoid temptations, it is recommended not to save it from year to year and get rid of it every season.

The most effective way to combat UV radiation is to apply a filter with an adequate protection factor. What factor do I wear? ? A person with normal skin, with a factor 30 will be protected for about 60-80 minutes, factor 50 protects for about 150 minutes. It must be said that it also depends on the skin type, darker skins require less protection. But in all cases, sunscreen should be applied to avoid burning, protect the skin from sun allergies and photoaging.



With the little ones, it must be said that it is not easy to choose a good sunscreen, and it can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for a sunscreen for children under 3 years of age. You can find cream for babies from 3 months in our pharmacies, such as Rilastil Sun Laude, Eucerin or Pediatric Mineral Baby 50+ of isdin. Babies have very sensitive skin, and the best thing to do is to keep them covered at all times.

It must be remembered that sunscreensAlthough they are resistant to water, they have to be renewed when they get out of the water, especially in children. By the way, the Water resistant, support about 40 minutes of immersion.



There is a wide range of sunscreen formats, you can find it in cream, lotion (more fluid), spray, transparent spray and spray with a wet effect, the latter is much more refreshing. In the "mist" or "spray" formats, we can overestimate the amount that we have applied, so in skin that is especially sensitive or reactive to the sun, the more creamy cream may be a better choice.

Lately, an important issue that worries people is the fight against photoaging. The sun acts on the cells, aging and dehydrating them. It is highly recommended to use it with the daily cream, many already have a factor 15 or 20.



We highlight the range of esthederm, is a high quality range to protect the skin from the sun and its effects.

range BRONZE REPAIR It promotes a luminous, fast and long-lasting tan, while preserving the quality and youth of the skin.



ADAPTASUN It is a very high sun protection, suitable for protecting the face, body and hair. Moisturizes the skin and enhances the tan safely, avoiding the signs of photoaging.

To hydrate skin sensitized by the sun, providing a brighter, more intense and long-lasting tan, we recommend the TAN EXTENDER.


Skin that is intolerant or allergic to the sun needs to strengthen the capacities and resistance of the skin to better adapt to the sun, protect it and soothe it. We recommend that you use TO REPAIR and SOLAIRE INTOLERANCES.

When the spots settle, it is necessary to protect yourself with a specific treatment, to prevent them from intensifying and thus achieve a uniform tan. Especially adapted to the most exposed areas of the face, hands and neckline, REGULATED PHOTO favors tanning and evens out the facial skin of skins that present irregularities, while reducing the appearance of spots on the skin.



The treatment PHOTO REVERSE with color it unifies the face, conceals, prevents and corrects spots, even in case of exposure to the sun or blue light.

REPAIR AFTER SUN helps to recover the skin after exposing it to the sun. Repairs, calms and hydrates. This treatment prolongs the tan, while smoothing wrinkles and expression lines.



The POWDER MAKEUP Help to maintain a subtly tanned tone all year round, these powders unify and illuminate the face with a very natural make-up effect while protecting the skin from the sun.

The INTENSE FACIAL SELF-TANNING CREAM It progressively hydrates and illuminates the skin to recreate a light and natural tan without the need to expose yourself to the sun.

 You can see the full range of solar here


A good option to prepare the skin for the summer is to take capsules like Heliocare either oral sunlaude, are a great support for the skin and melanin. The skin is better prepared when sunbathing and the tan lasts much longer. Above all, we help the fight against photoaging.

Remember that it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water and avoid the central hours of the day.

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