What to put in a travel kit.

We give you ideas to make a complete first aid kit for your vacation. For it to be useful you have to think that it must be used for wounds, cuts, for pain or fever, for allergies, digestive discomfort or to protect from mosquitoes and/or the sun.

We propose a list by category, so you can put it in a toiletry bag and carry it in your suitcase.

To treat cuts, wounds and blisters, it can be very useful to carry plasters, Betadine, Cristalmina spray, gauze, a bandage or tape. If you are going to walk a lot or if you are going to wear new shoes, it is best to wear some Compeed dressings, they will surely save you from foot pain.

It is more than advisable to take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for fever. Both products can help you relieve pain. Remember to include a thermometer.

If you go to exotic countries, it is always advisable to bring an antihistamine, such as Reactine or Rino-Ebastel. It is very good to carry some eye drops in case the most common allergy symptoms appear, tearing. In very dry places, it is very good to bring a moisturizing cream that you can put on, for example, after a shower.

One of the most common problems outside the home is gastrointestinal problems. Put an antidiarrheal (Fortasec), a mild laxative (Fave de Fuca) and, above all, oral serum sachets in your travel bag, to recover in case of severe diarrhea. water and electrolytes, in these cases it may be useful to take a probiotic to speed up recovery. If you usually have gastric reflux, it is practical to take an antacid such as Almax or Gaviscon..

Depending on the area where you travel, it can be very useful to carry a mosquito repellent, you have the classic Relec, Halley or Goibi. You have formats for the whole family, which can be useful for all members to use. If you go to more tropical areas, we recommend something stronger like Relec extra strong or Goibi Xtreme forte. You can't forget a product for when you've been bitten, like Afterbite or Fenistil.

Don't forget to put on sunscreen, it is better to take care of your skin to avoid harmful effects such as burns or photo aging. One for the face and one for the body. It is not advisable to use the one from the previous year, because they do not usually protect effectively.

If you go with children, we recommend that you bring a bottle of water, the Dalsy-Apiretal duo for pain and fever, plasters, gauze, Cristalmina and an arnica roll-on for bruises. Don't forget sunscreen and anti-mosquitoes if you go to an area where there may be.

Remember to carry your usual medication and prescription with you in your hand luggage, if you travel by train or plane.

Enjoy holidays.

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