The importance of cleaning and caring for your hands.

The arrival of the Coronavirus has incorporated into our daily ritual the use of hydroalcoholic gel and masks, social distance, isolation if one has the disease and ventilation of the premises. These recommendations are the classic ones for the prevention of flu and colds . They have always worked to avoid transmission of infections.

In 1864, Louis Pasteur gave an important conference where he advocated, on the importance of hand washing . He discovered that deadly microbes, were transmitted to the fetus and mother during childbirth, when the doctor had not previously washed his hands. By washing your hands, germs were eliminated . So many lives were saved.

There are situations in which it is difficult to wash your hands easily, and this is when the use of hydroalcoholic gels is very useful to clean your hands. They are highly effective for disinfection, since they eliminate 99.9% of germs.

The big problem of these gels with alcohol, the thing is are very irritating to the skin and dry out the hands . To avoid this effect, many gels tend to contain a lot of glycerin and they end up being too sticky.

With the arrival of Coronavirus , Andrea Lisbona , entrepreneur and founder of Touchland , popularized the use of his hydroalcoholic gels , that instead of irritating the skin of the hands, It hydrates it and leaves it much softer, without leaving it sticky. This invention called Touchland Power Mist , has earned him recognition from the prestigious Forbes magazine.

Touchland Power Mist it is a hydroalcoholic gel that protects from germs and takes care of the health of your hands . Its formulation contains Aloe vera, that it is a very plant moisturizing . It also contains a mixture of essential oils that leave the hands soft and healthy .

Touchland gels they have different fragrances , for enhance sensory experience the use of hydroalcoholic gels. Touchland fragrances are very different, you have to watermelon , forest berries , mint , vanilla-cinnamon , lavender or neutral.

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Touchland gels are very comfortable to use, because you can carry it in your bag or pocket. They are very helpful, since you can use them when you need it most . This way you can avoid using other gels that they offer you, since they end up irritating and damaging the health of your hands.


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