The revolution of Cellular Medicine

Roland C. Pfister , collaborated in his father's revitalization clinic, on the shores of the most famous lake in Switzerland, the Leman. This clinic was avant-garde, since it used a novel technique in medicine, cell science. This cell medicine therapy managed to revitalize stressed or tired cells, putting them in contact with young cells.

In 1982 he founded his own laboratory, where he adapted the knowledge of phytocellular therapy to cosmetics. The CellControl method is born, which allows obtaining stabilized cell extracts that have revitalization and hydration functions of the skin, which were unprecedented. This method is the basis of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen brands. These brands go beyond the classic sensory experiences of beauty routines, as they offer a beauty ritual with a holistic approach, which have unprecedented advantages compared to other revitalizing and hydrating treatments. 

This Swiss laboratory has a strong philosophy of scientific and technological development with Swiss rigor, it is thanks to this work methodology that the result is manufacturing processes and products of the highest quality and precision.


It is a range of cutting-edge care, which responds to the needs of women in the cellular sphere. Its ingredients are of vegetable and marine origin, and are selected very rigorously.

It is important to follow a ritual for the most optimal experience.

First you have to remove make-up and purify the skin, with thePurifying cleanser. Afterwards, the skin should be toned, withActive tonic. The next step is very important, the skin has to be activated, to improve the reception of Cellcosmet care, it is carried out with aGel activator.

The next step is to reaffirm and hydrate, here we recommend using concentrates such asUltra intensive Elasto Collagen-XT or theUltra Intensive XT. Both products have a strong anti-aging and moisturizing action.

We would continue with revitalizing treatments, such asday concentrates or fromevening, theyouth creamsor the creams for sensitive skin.

And finally do away with filler treatments likeCellLift, we recommend that you try themasksand treatments forthe eye contour.

A cellular treatment is available for the bust,Cellbust XT-A.


Cellulite XT-Ait is an effective treatment for cellulite.

Cellcosmet CellEctive

Range of products that improve the effectiveness of revitalizing treatments for more demanding skin. It pampers the skin textures intensively, and thus you can boast of visible and immediate results. 

See the entire CellEctive range


It is a highly effective range for male skin treatment. Contains stabilized extracts and specific ingredients for men's skin. The result is a revitalized skin with optimal comfort.

Face | Cellmen

Among the treatments you can find theFacial cream, aeye contour, arevitalizing cream, and above all we recommend theultra intensive cell concentrate.

Get a detoxified skin, more hydrated and stretched, thanks to its lifting effect, all without effort.

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