Vitamins: myths and truths, we clarify your doubts

There are many myths surrounding vitamins, in the following lines we will debunk the most popular ones and share some tips to obtain them optimally.

Generally, it is known that vitamins are what we take, when we are very tired or get sick often, also during seasonal changes. We obtain these vitamins through our diet or with food supplements.


There are 13 essential vitamins and all of them are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Its deficiency could trigger health problems.


The body itself produces some vitamins, although there are others that cannot be synthesized and the only way for them to reach our body is through diet.

To ensure that we have all the vitamins, it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet, since vitamins come from very different sources: vegetables, fruits, vegetables, oils, meats, fish, cereals, etc.



Currently, we still often find established myths and false beliefs to be disproved.

Below, we present some of the myths that have gained popularity in our society for years. 



❌  “Drink the juice quickly, it loses the vitamins”

✅ Despite being a classic saying in every home in the world, vitamins do not escape orange juice if it is not drunk quickly. In fact, the juice maintains its vitamin properties for more than 12 hours. What does change quickly is the flavor.


❌  “Freezing food causes it to lose its vitamins”

✅ Freezing food is one of the safest preservation methods and, in addition, it is one of those that best maintains the properties of the food. Although the freezing period is very long, few vitamins are lost, since low temperatures do not alter their molecular structure.


❌  “Multivitamins compensate for having a poor diet”

✅ Vitamin supplements are in no way a substitute for a poor diet. What these do is help provide an extra contribution of the main ones, but we must prioritize receiving vitamins in a more natural way, with a balanced diet.


❌  “Vitamin C prevents colds”

✅ Vitamin C does not protect against colds. Yes, it is true that it helps alleviate its symptoms, but it does not prevent the virus from entering our body.


❌  “Vitamin B12 prevents hangovers”

✅ This myth is due to the fact that when someone with alcohol poisoning is admitted to the hospital, they receive a dose of vitamin B1 and B6. But this is prescribed to prevent neurological and muscle damage. Does not foresee the hangover.


❌  “Vitamins are already produced by the human body”

✅ The body produces some vitamins, but there are some that can only be obtained through diet, such as vitamins D, K, B1, B2 and folic acid. All vitamins are equally important, which is why it is essential to be aware of the need to give our body the vitamins that it cannot synthesize on its own.


❌  “Citrus fruits are the only source of vitamin C”

✅ Although closely related, citrus fruits are not the only source of vitamin C. In fact, red pepper offers more vitamin C than an orange.


❌  “Vitamins make us fat”

✅ What makes you fat are foods, but vitamins have no calories.


❌ “Vitamin supplements are only effective if taken on an empty stomach”

✅ It is often said that vitamin supplements are more effective if taken on an empty stomach, but this is false. In fact, there are studies that show that vitamins from supplements are better absorbed if they are consumed with meals.


❌ “Vegans do not have any vitamin deficiency”

✅ Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, so their needs are covered by many of them. However, vitamin B12 can only be obtained from meat and is just as important as the others, therefore, it must be compensated with vitamin supplements.



We usually feel more down with the changes of season, in warm to cold periods, such as the transition from summer to autumn. Also at the end of cold periods, such as winter, to more temperate periods, such as spring. This process is known as Asthenia.

 It is better to have the help of a professional to adapt the symptoms to the needs of the body, in order to properly adjust the treatment. Many can take a simple treatment with a multivitamin, but it is really necessary to ask the right questions to properly adjust to the needs, otherwise the vitamins will come in the same as they come out and nothing will have been achieved




IMPORTANT: There are people who can use ginseng, which is a stimulant, but there are people with high blood pressure who cannot. In these cases you can resort to Coenzyme Q10, which gives energy without the adverse effects of Ginseng. This is where you can see that very good advice must be given.


A supplement that can help a lot is royal jelly.


Here we leave you 5 products that can help you obtain the necessary amount of vitamins for your body:




American supplement that provides the dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the body needs to complete its well-being and health. It contains the ideal dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
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Active ingredients:
  • Selenio SelenoExcelll®)
  • Apigenina
  • Fitosoma bioactivo de quercetina
  • vitamina D
  • vitamina C
  • vitaminas B
  • Ácido alfa lipoico

Take 2 capsules a day, with main meals.

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ASTHÉPLEX 30 cápsulas

French supplement that helps reduce fatigue, gives vitality, improves resistance and recovery after sports.

Contains 22 amino acids (8 essential)
 Take 2-3 times a day for the first 10 days.

Then continue with only one maintenance a day.

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INMUNOFERON Cápsulas o sobres

Supplement with an exclusive formula, with Alpha Glucoman phosphorylate and soy protein, the so-called AM3 complex. That improves the normal functioning of the immune system. Its technology allows better performance to improve natural defenses.
Take one capsule or sachet for a minimum of 3 months.

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Supplement that combines the power of royal jelly, guarana, taurine and 5 vitamins with the properties of guapa. It provides the body with extra energy for physical and mental performance.

Take one vial a day.

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Vitamin and Ginseng G115 complex. Helps recover energy and maintains physical and mental well-being.

Take 1 tablet a day in the morning.

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