How to detoxify the body after the Christmas holidays


The Christmas holidays are days of quite heavy and very frequent meals, concentrated in two weeks. These digestions are usually difficult to digest, in addition to being so high in calories that they can put the gastrointestinal system in difficulty, and of course, they also affect the body's filters, such as the liver and kidneys.

For this reason, after the holidays it is advisable to detoxify and cleanse the body. A good initiative is to eat a balanced diet, preferably consuming more vegetables, which have fewer calories and we can make meals lighter.



To detoxify, it can be very good to take a series of plant extracts, which eliminate toxins and fats, help with good digestion and have a draining effect. Drains serve to help purify and eliminate water to purify the body.

As I mentioned before, purification focuses on certain organs that act as the body's filter, such as the kidneys and the liver. Many impurities can reach the skin, and therefore, it is another organ that must also be cared for and detoxified.



There are several phytoextracts that detoxify the liver, among the most notable is artichoke extract, which has been traditionally used to eliminate toxins and fat from the liver. Studies carried out in 2019 show that the artichoke It has a pronounced protective effect on the liver and prevents obesity, in addition to reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Let o the study in this link.

Rosemary can promote good digestion and facilitates the purification of the body. The extract of angelica eliminates bloating and provides digestive comfort, in addition to improving the functioning of the intestine. The extract of fennel It helps reduce gas and can help us improve digestion and traffic through the liver. Finally we would talk about the Chlorella, an algae that eliminates heavy metals and purifies the intestinal system.



In the case of the kidneys, among the cleansing agents that can help us, we find dandelion, which is a draining action and facilitates the elimination of impurities. He black elderberry It is a good helper to eliminate toxins that remain in the kidneys.

As we have mentioned, these toxins have a negative effect on the skin and it is highly recommended to perform a detox treatment to recover its healthy appearance and shine. There are two extracts that have this purifying effect on the skin, the first is burdock, which has been used since ancient times, the second is the nettle, which apart from being irritating on contact, if taken orally, can help you recover healthy skin and improve your complexion.



In the pharmacy, you can find all these plant extracts separately, but it is necessary to recognize that combined, a better result is achieved. These preparations are usually sold in liquid form to facilitate their absorption and improve their action. You can find them in ready-to-drink bottles or that can be dissolved in water, and you can drink them throughout the day. Treatments usually last about 20-30 days, and their effects are easily visible in a few days.

We have selected for you 3 products that we believe can help you detoxify. Among the options chosen, we propose a very effective detoxifier only for the liver and two different programs for detoxifying both the liver, kidneys and skin. This way you can choose the one that best suits you.




BIO food supplement with a purifying effect on the liver. Eliminates toxins, prevents gases and facilitates digestion.

Combine the artichoke and fennel.

A bottle is taken every day before breakfast.

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Combined that facilitates the detoxification mechanism. It participates in the well-being and protection of the liver, improves the elimination of toxins from the kidneys, helps to recover the shine and texture of the skin, while eliminating heavy metals.

Combines extracts of birch, chlorella, rosemary and burdock.

Take one 50ml measure per day, dissolved in a glass of water, preferably in the morning.

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Complete detoxifying program. Combines programs for the liver, kidneys and skin. They are 10-day programs.

The liver cleanser improves digestion and protects the action of the liver, it contains artichoke, rosemary, angelica and black radish.

The kidney cleanser has a draining and purifying effect. Contains dandelion, black elderberry and black radish.

Skin detoxifier, purifies the skin and gives it shine. Contains burdock and nettle.

Take the bottles in order as detailed in the program.

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